Webinar will task the experts to define the future shape of IPMI

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David Eline examines how the role of the intermediary has changed as he prepares for an upcoming webinar which will examine the future of the market.


Transforming the Transaction in the IPMI market

Webinar, 18 June, 2PM GMT
Click here to register to attend (recording available)

Featuring Panel of leading IPMI insurers and distributors:

  • Lourdes Peters, CEO of World of America
  • Amy MacKay, Director of Sales and Commercial Effectiveness at Cigna Europe
  • Alistair Dickman, Group Head Of Business Development at April International Care
  • Trevor Keidan, Managing Director of Infinity Financial Solutions
  • Rami Rosengarten, VP of Global Business Development & Distribution Channels at PassportCard – DavidShield Group
  • David T. Youssef, Managing Director, Middle East, Africa and Asia, VUMI


For David the timing of the webinar could not be better. “The event is very much from an international perspective,” he explains. “Both our clients and our solutions are international so it makes sense that the event will look at the future of the sector across the world. The dynamic nature of the global workforce means IPMI has increased in importance, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The key themes for the webinar, which will be held on Friday 18 June at 2.00pm London time, will focus on managing the customer and transacting business in the IPMI industry of the future.

The role of the intermediary is sure to change in the coming ten years,” David explains. “To gain an insight into the future, we have to understand how the role of the intermediary has changed over the last 10 years from the perspective of both the insurer and intermediary. We’ll be looking to get a real insight from our panellists in terms of what they see as the main changes over that period.”

“We will also delve a little deeper into the panel’s views and examine whether they can provide an indication of how the market will evolve in the next decade.”

He adds that, without doubt, the way intermediaries transact business will change in the coming decade.

“The biggest danger with any webinar is that you pre-empt the conversation,” says David. “However, I do not think that we will be able to look to the shape of the future industry without touching on how technology will change the way business is transacted and how the client will demand their product be delivered. We will look to provide a fairly detailed assessment of the impact that technology will have on the industry. However, there is a lot more to the debate and I am sure our panellists will provide a great deal of food for thought.”

“I think one of the most interesting areas we will look to explore is how insurers plan to help their intermediaries manage the changing nature of the industry, and how they plan to support their intermediary partners’ businesses,” he explains. “There are two sides to any transaction so I am keen to see what they think insurers can do to help.”

David hopes that the webinar will look to highlight those in the market who are already making strides to identify and mitigate future operational risk.

“We will certainly explore what the successful intermediaries are doing and what makes them stand out from their peers. It is sure to be one of the key areas of interest for many intermediaries who will be keen to learn how they can adapt and prosper.”

On the webinar itself David says it will be in English and he is hoping for a sizable virtual attendance with interest already from firms and individuals across the world.

 “We have been busy building a first class panel for the event,” he adds. “We believe that we have a group of industry leaders who will provide some fascinating insights on the future shape of the industry.

“The webinar will be streamed live for attendees, and a recording available for those who cannot join in the discussion in real time.”


Sign up today to register for the webinar:

Transforming the Transaction in the IPMI market

Webinar, 18 June, 2PM GMT, Recording available.