Health Compass for Intermediaries

Compare. Select. Fulfil.

Health Compass has been created for specialist IPMI intermediaries, those with the occasional customers needing international private medical insurance cover, and everything in between.

The system allows intermediaries to quickly find the precise cover that matches their clients’ protection needs and budget and to fulfil that business through an automated workflow.

Fully IDD and GDPR regulated, Health Compass is a pathway to access most of the world’s largest IPMI providers and licenses that enable business to be placed around the world.

Benefits of Health Compass for

Health Compass’ extensive and unique benefits make it easier for intermediaries to
place more IPMI business and increase revenues:

Easily recommend cover that best suits your clients’ needs

The ability to compare cover quality with price gives you the ability to always select the right cover for your client

Save time, every time

 With no need to trawl the market to find the cover that’s best for your client and a fully automated fulfilment process you’ll free up time to focus on other things

Access the world’s leading providers

With most of the world’s leading providers on the platform, you won’t need a direct agency agreement to place business with them

Fully regulated for peace of mind

The system provides the IDD and GDPR compliance and provider licences you need to place business in a fully regulated way

Insurers on the platform