A trading platform for International
Private medical Insurance.

Smart. Automated. Compliant.

Helping the international private medical insurance market work 
better for intermediaries, insurance providers and customers.


For intermediaries looking to transact international private medical insurance business

Designed For

brokers, IFAs and other intermediaries looking to place IPMI business

Perform whole-market searches in a matter of minutes and use the platform’s unique price and cover quality comparison capability to narrow down which products are exactly right for your clients.

Fulfil your transaction seamlessly within our automated and fully compliant environment. Monitor your pipeline at the touch of a button and watch as the competitive edge you are able to offer clients helps your book grow.

Insurance Providers

For insurance providers looking to access intermediaries transacting international private medical insurance business

Designed For

insurers or MGAs offering international or regional private medical insurance products

Access a global network of intermediaries looking to transact business in a sleek and automated environment where the ability to match a client’s needs with the right product choice is paramount.

Benchmark your products against the competition down to each individual benefit element. See how your products compare and use the information to tweak and refine your offerings so that you remain a highly attractive option for intermediaries.

Insurers on the platform