Health Compass enables expansion of broker’s direct international PMI offering

France-based insurance broker QITI has joined forces with technology platform, Health Compass, in a partnership that will dramatically expand QITI direct international private medical insurance (IPMI) offering.

QITI is a leading French technology-based insurance broker providing solutions for individual expatriates and digital nomads. Health Compass is an advanced technology environment for comparing and trading international private medical insurance.

QITI will seamlessly integrate Health Compass’ technology into its B2C website, giving customers the ability to compare the price of policies with cover quality and allowing them to directly select and purchase the product that best suits their needs and budget.

By integrating the Health Compass technology, QITI said it aims to rapidly position itself as the leading B2C technology solution in the international private medical insurance market. The win-win partnership is expected to drive growth for the two insurtechs.

“The partnership will allow QITI to double the health insurance solutions we can make available to our expatriate customers in just a few days. With an excess of 1,000 policy offerings available, we are confident that no other B2C broker in the world is able to offer so many solutions for its customers. And with the Health Compass technology, those 1,000 plus solutions are easy to navigate and select from,” enthuses QITI CEO, Christophe Bremard.

With Health Compass having signed a number of insurance-provider partnerships outside of the European Union, QITI now has a regulatory bridge enabling it to sell to customers in countries where it does not have access to the required permits or IPMI products.

Bremard continued: “With several thousand insurers in the world, it is our mission to offer customers the best in cover, premiums and service. French and European insurers tend to remain in their comfort zone but we are keen to form relationships with other global insurers. As we don’t currently work with insurers like BUPA Global and Now Health that are already on the Health Compass platform, this partnership saves us a huge amount of time with the immediate availability of additional offers from some of the world’s best known providers.”

“Health Compass enables international health insurance policies to be selected based on their cover quality, price and compatibility with the client’s express requirements, all within a GDPR and IDD environment. We do not target expatriates directly but brokers can use our technology to do this for their own businesses and provide an automated B2C facility available to their customers”, said Health Compass founder, David Eline.